Taylor Hess


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Gender Female
Height 5' 6''
Body Type Thin
Weight 115
Hair color Brown
Hair length Long
Eyes Brown
Age range 15-19, 20-24
Ethnic appearance Caucasian
Trained Singing Voice Yes


Taylor Hess Acting Reel 2012


Taylor Hess Acting Reel 2012

Taylor Hess Acting Reel 2012 from Taylor Hess on Vimeo.



Ossining Katie Mechanized Mules/Rick Rodgers
Vanitas Frannie Tisch Grad Thesis Film/Paige Campbell
Kaleidescope Coco Tisch Grad Thesis Film/Chris Hoffman
The Spartan King Evelyn Tisch Grad Thesis Film/Michael James DeVeau
Under One Roof Lindsey Tisch Film/Sienna Brown
House Rules Anna Tisch 48 Film Festival (winner best actress)/Sienna Brown


Authentic Lesbian Cuisine Martha In Rehearsals/Brian Zeilinger Prod., Dir. Will Detlefsen
DisPLACEment Actor Tisch Works Mainstage physical performance piece/Shanga Parker
My Sister In This House Isabelle Stella Adler/Awoye Timpo
Death Takes a Holiday Grazia Stella Adler/Sam Buggeln
Ruby's Story Ruby Stella Adler/Giovanna Sardelli
All's Wel That Ends Well Diana Royal Academy of Dramatic Art/Greg de Polnay
Antony and Cleopatra Charmian Royal Academy of Dramatic Art/Alison Hardy
Merchant of Venice Play Project Actor/Writer Royal Academy of Dramatic Art/Tim Hardy
Mrs. Packard Mrs. Dole, Mrs. Blessing, Violent Lady, Madam LeBrie Stella Adler/Steve Cook
A Woman of No Importance Mrs. Allonby Stella Adler/Andrew Frank Thomas
Polish Joke Portia, Rachel, Stewardess, Woman in Black Chagrin Valley Little Theatre/Steven Hoffman
The Last Days of Judas Iscariot Caiaphas Northwestern University/Scott Westerman
School Girl Figure Renee Cleveland Playhouse/Grace Overbeck


Shakespeare In Performance Royal Academy of Dramatic Art Geoff Bullen, Tim Hardy, Alison Hardy, Jeremy Stockwell, Andrew Cuthbert, Lorna Marshall,
Acting-Stella Adler New York University Don Williams, Angela Vitale, Peter Flynn, Stephanie Yankwitt, Aundrea Burns, Betsy Parish, Ron Burres, James Tripp, Alithea Phillips
"Cherub" Theatre Training NHSI-Northwestern University Lynn Baber, Michael Fosberg, Scott Westerman
Acting for Film NYFA-Harvard University Ed Wilkinson, Dave Wilson


Movement, Yoga, Stage Combat, Watersports, Trapeze, Driver's License, Valid US Passport