James Edward Becton


Gender Male
Height 5' 11''
Body Type Athletic
Weight 180
Hair color Brown
Hair length Short
Eyes Brown
Age range 25-29, 30-34
Ethnic appearance African-American

About Me

"Artists are the gatekeepers of truth. We are civilizations radical voice." ~P. Robeson

Website www.JamesEdwardBecton.com



Out of the Ash Foday S. Garfunkle Prod
The Prometheus Trap Captain Cornell Pandora Machine
Waiting for Budd Luke/Myself Hudson Film Group
Angry Planet Kyle Pandora Machine
A Body Without a Head Bel Veritas Productions


Lissabon Player B LaMaMa/Hristo Hristov, Dir
Lights Narrow (remount) Stanton The Workshop Thtr. Co./ DeLisa White, Dir.
It's a Wonderful Life George Bailey Boo Arts/Gotham Radio
Richard Vetere Explains The World...10mins at a Time Ensemble New Perspectives Theatre Co.
Lights Narrow Stanton NY Int. Fringe Fest., DeLisa White, Dir.
The Importance of Being Earnest Jack Worthington Take Wing and Soar, Kevin Connell, Dir.
Playing with Fire Axel, the Friend The Negro Ensemble
Have Mercy, by Mac Rogers Prof. Hubben Manhattan Theatre Source
Order, by Christopher Stetson Boal Joe Davis Oberon Theatre Co., Austin Pendleton, Dir.
King Lear, w/ Trazana Beverley Edmund Take Wing and Soar, Timothy D. Stickney, Dir
Safe House, by Keith Josef Adkins Addison LaMaMa Etc. Jasper McGruder, Dir.
An Ideal Husband Viscount Goring T.W.A.S
Caligula Cherea Horizon Theatre Repertory
Kleitos Agoniste & Kandace Kleitos LaMaMa Etc. George Ferencz, Dir.
Macbeth Ross Classical Thtr. of Harlem
Passing Ceremonies Essex Hemphill Nuyorican Cafe', Sue Lawless, Dir.
Going After Cacciato Pvt. 1st Class Johnson Working Man's Clothes, Charles Ney, Dir.
The Glass Menagerie The Gentleman Caller The Workshop Theatre Co.
Twelfth Night Sebastian National Black Theatre, Petronia Paley, Dir.
The Colored Museum Miss Roj, The Kid The Hudson Guild


In Between Men Dominick Qubed Ent., Jennifer Gelfer, dir