Hearts Of Iron 4 Matignon Agreement

Without having to strike in each factory to provide them with benefits, all workers benefited from these agreements: the Matignon Agreements (Matignon Accords in France) were signed on June 7, 1936 between the employers` organization Confédération générale de la production française (CGPF), the CGT union and the French State. They were signed during a massively persecuted general strike launched after the election of the Popular Front in May 1936 and which had led to the formation of a left-wing government led by Léon Blum (SFIO). Also known as the “Magna Carta of French Labour”, these agreements were signed at the Hotel Matignon, the official residence of the head of government, hence its name. The threat posed by a united Germany and the Soviet Union is too great to ignore. As a result of the agreement between the two countries on the division of Poland, we have a difficult decision to make. If we let [Root.GetCommunistParty] work as they have done so far, we will open ourselves to internal struggle while the Soviet grows in power. By banning any communist activity or membership in [Root.GetCommunistParty], we are sending a strong signal to all citizens that we will not tolerate anyone who poses a threat to peace. Traditionally, we have been able to include [Root.GetCommunistParty] in political discussions, but since they refuse to give up their loyalty to Moscow, it may be time to take drastic measures. After the French ceasefire with Germany and the formation of a new government in Vichy-France, a group of senior officers revolted against the new French government. Charles de Gaulle delivered a radio broadcast calling for resistance to the Vichy collaborative regime.

De Gaulle effectively took the lead of the Free French Forces and continued the fight against the Germans. I love the introduction of intelligence into the game. It adds another dimension and depth to the game. In addition, intelligence played an important role in the war, and it seems logical that it should be involved in the game. It can give you huge bonuses if you make wars, and makes you plan in advance for other conquests. It is still a fairly large investment that makes it really profitable only for large countries. I hope, however, that Paradox will further develop this mechanic by expanding the possibilities of your agents and balancing the mechanics of code breaking. For example, I think it would be cool to have new operations to disable enemy generals and Marshalls. This would add another level of intelligence (and counterintelligence). The extension of code breaking and intelligence would make it an even more important part of the game. For those who are not really aware of the French monarchy and its potential place in World War II, let`s go back in time a bit.

The French monarchy existed from the founding of the Franconian kingdom in the early Middle Ages until the fall of the Second French Empire under Napoleon III in 1870, with some notable intervals such as the French Revolution. But even after the fall of the French Empire, the pretenders to the throne were still hanging around (as they always do), but they were prevented from entering French soil due to the exile law.