Monica Wyche


Gender Female
Height 5' 4''
Body Type Petite
Weight 133
Hair color Red
Hair length Shoulder Length
Eyes Hazel
Age range
Ethnic appearance Caucasian
Representation Rosenwald Associates/Carol Bruner
300 W. 55th St, #5Y
NY,NY 10019

About Me

I'm a native South Carolinian, a mom, and in my imagination, Tina Fey is my best friend.

Enjoyed spending time with Jeff Daniels on 40 NORTH (aka LOOMING TOWER) recently. He plays guitar between takes, and has a lot of wisdom to offer.


Monica Wyche Reel 2017 from Monica Wyche on Vimeo.

Monica Wyche reel


40 North Co Star Hulu
The Path Recurring Hulu/S. Heder, J. Goldberg, M. Weaver
The Defenders Guest Star Netflix/SJ Clarkson
Blindspot Guest Star NBC/Marcos Siega
Law and Order: SVU Guest Star NBC/Jon Herron
Army Wives Guest Star Lifetime/ Joanna Kerns


Bears Discover Fire Supporting Columbia MFA/Ben Leonberg
Vacation Face Supporting Columbia MFA/Nick Weiss-Richmond
Get Better Lead ParisMtnScout Productions/Chris White
Something Blue Supporting USC Film School
Jiggle Jig Lead Indie Grits Festival
Generation Ax Supporting Horsecreek Productions
Freakshow Lead Crimson Productions


The Fizz Plays- "FROSTY" Madeline (Lead) TerraNOVA/Dominic D'Andrea
A Christmas Story Mother Atlantic Stage/Mindi Penn
Whales and Souls All Roles (one person show) The Flea Theater/Chris Roe
Future Anxiety (WORLD PREMIERE) Lillian The Flea/Jim Simpson
#Serials@TheFlea Series Regular The Flea/Zack Russell
The Dog(run) Diaries Mother Prospect Theatre Dark Nights Series/Chris Roe
Homo apocalyptus Lenora Fontaine Salvage Company, NYC
Bug Agnes Trustus Theatre
Frozen Nancy Trustus Theatre
Extremities Marjorie Trustus Theatre
Dangerous Liaisons Marquis de Merteuil Workshop Theatre
Comedy of Errors (Nat.Tour) Abbess, Courtesan Aquila Theatre/ Robert Richmond
Macbeth Lady Macbeth SC Shakespeare Company
The Baltimore Waltz Anna Piccolo Spoleto Festival
Sordid Lives Juanita Workshop Theatre
A Midsummer Night's Dream Helena Theatre Carolina/ Ethan McSweeney
Jeffrey Woman Trustus Theatre


MFA in Acting University of South Carolina
Scene Study The Studio Jayd McCarty
Improv Upright Citizens Brigade Ari Voukydis
On Camera One on One Bob Krakower
On-Camera Auditioning One on One Adrienne Stern, James Calleri, Paul Schnee, Marci Phillips
Commercial Improv One on One Stacy Gallo
Master Class LAByrinth Theater various
Voice Over CAST Andy Roth


Downhill skiing, fly fishing, driving (manual transmission), improv comedy, native Southerner
Tap Dancing, hand to hand combat, former teacher, great with kids, have an awesome Beagle named Hank, US Passport
Dialects: Standard British, Irish, American South, American Midwest