Working Time Agreement

A Working Time Agreement (WTA) is a collective agreement that is concluded at the school level between the union (s) and the principal. Once the negotiations are over, they will be signed, as agreed by the Re and the Director. The agreement is now mandatory for all employees. It is felt that some periods of collegiality have already been devoted to planning, preparation and additional meetings, so it would be wise to develop the remaining time on a pro-rata basis. Unions advise a maximum of 5 hours per week; Everything you need to know about working time agreements can be found in the following document. the WTA should support the planning of school renovations, the most important of which is currently around H-S, HWB, teaching and learning (digital), although monitoring and follow-up require careful planning (see note below); Each Local Teacher Bargaining Committee (LNCT) will provide advice to schools in your area to agree on a WTA. Please also note the requirement for 3 hours of equality training. As always, L.A. BUREAU is happy to advise and help you. The WTA is an important tool to help schools agree on priorities and manage workload in a collegial manner, which means everyone must have contributions and take responsibility to be effective. The WTA for 2020-21 is very different from previous years and is an attempt to allow schools to plan the exceptional circumstances surrounding the persistent response to the coronavirus crisis. When it was sent to principals, the KEK pointed out this:.