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Learn from the best!  We offer smaller classes with individual attention, taught by some of the most in-demand directors, casting directors and industry insiders.  Additionally, most classes are On-Camera and your work is emailed to you as a video clip within 48 hours of your classes to download and keep!  These classes are for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment in the field or representation by an agent.  One on One is bonded in the State of California: #70978001

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Professional, polished, videos of TWO pieces of your choice of MONOLOGUES, SCENES, or a PERSONALITY SLATE! Get your professionally shot, lit, and edited reel! Project Reel offers crystal clear sound and image quality in a professional, modern video that you can be proud to submit to agents, managers, and casting directors!

2-week class 11:00a

On-Camera Intensive with Karlee Fomalont, Rori Bergman Casting & Hart/Fomalont Casting

Karlee Fomalont is working on tons of projects and recently worked on 
the indie film IMITATION GIRL with casting director Erica Hart plus recently worked with Jodi Collins on the ABC pilot, IRREVERSIBLE.

Karlee has worked with leading casting offices such as Julie Schubert Casting, Estrin/Bergstein Casting and Jessica Daniels Casting as well as with Janet Murphy Butler for the 2014 Pilot Season for ABC Primetime.

Past Credits Include: THE MILLERS (Will Arnet), BAD TEACHER (Ryan Hansen), BEAR WITH US (Christy Carlson Romano), UNDER THE DOME and more.

1-week class 11:00a

Monday, December 12, 2016


Amazing Opportunity and One On One Exclusive: Work with Casting Director and co-head Kim Miscia of the leading casting office, BOWLING/MISCIA CASTING! Check out her IMDB to see her full list of amazing credits! 

2-week class 7:00p

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SPECIAL NEW STUDENTS CLASS: Julie Tucker of Tucker/Meyerson Casting

SPECIAL NEW STUDENTS CLASS. EMMY AWARD-WINNING Casting Director Julie Tucker of Tucker/Meyerson Casting is taking a break from her busy schedule to come in for a very special one-night intensive.  Julie works for tons of hit shows and movies.  She has been honored and recognized with Emmy's and Artios Awards in Casting, time and time again!

1-week class 7:00p

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ON-CAMERA TV INTENSIVE with CJ Molidor of Tucker/Meyerson Casting

One of NY's busiest casting agencies, TUCKER / MEYERSON's credits include SLEEPY HOLLOW, SEVEN SECONDS, LIMITLESS, SNEAKY PETE, THE EXPANSE, pilots, and more! CJ is currently working on some great projects and is excited to work with One on One actors!

1-week class 7:30p

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Alaine Alldaffer of Playwrights Horizons - 2-Week Workshop

EXCLUSIVE ONE ON ONE FORMAT: Head of Casting at Playwrights Horizons, Alaine Alldaffer, in a 2-week Scene Study class.  Perfect your audition, cold reading, and scene analysis techniques with one of our most popular teachers who has regularly called in and CAST One On One actors!

This class is perfect for anyone from actors studying with Alaine for the first time to those who've meet with her several times and need a refresher. 

2-week class 7:00p


Meet with David Elliott, a top commercial agent at Don Buchwald & Associates, a top tier bi-coastal agency!

This session will begin with a 15-minute Q&A session, then you each will have a private appointment to work on commercial copy.

You can bet on seeing a Buchwald client every time you turn on your TV. This is a great time to get on David's radar, as superbowl commercials are headed our way!

1-week class 7:00p

3-Week Pilot Season Prep Class with MAJOR TV NETWORK Casting Director KATHARINA EGGMANN

Katharina works for a major Television Network (we cannot mention it here), casting TV shows and pilots year round on the East Coast. She has the expertise to help actors gain knowledge and skills to get to the next level of the audition process. Katharina only teaches at One on One NYC - you will not find her class anywhere else!

3-week class 7:30p

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

On-Camera Class with Leading Casting Kathleen Vissichelli-Hanley

AMAZING OPPORTUNITY! Work with Kathleen Vissichelli-Hanley, formerly of Adrienne Stern Casting, who loves calling in One on One actors. Interested in Independent Film? Then you MUST meet Kathleen. Prior to her time at Adrienne Stern Casting, Kathleen worked for ABC Primetime, casting shows such as MODERN FAMILY, SCRUBS, and GREY'S ANATOMY

Kathleen JUST started her own office and has so many projects lined up. Her current projects include the feature films ALL THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE WE ONCE KNEW and UNDERBELLY, as well as a series called THROUGH MY EYES. Kathleen cannot wait to work with our actors! 


Most recently, Kathleen worked on the following feature films: MARIPOSA, SHELL, GET OUT FAST, THOUGHTS, LEMON FLAVORED ANYTHING, THE HOBBYIST, and THE TREASURE DRAWER. She is also continues to work as a casting director for commecial, industrial, and music video clients. 

1-week class 6:30p

2-WEEK CLASS with Stephanie Holbrook of Stephanie Holbrook Casting

Leading Casting Director Stephanie Holbrook cast GHOST TEAM, directed by Oliver Irving (HOW TO BE) a political drama THIS SHINING CITY and DEVIL IN THE DEEP BLUE SEA, for CPlus Pictures. She is always on the look out for new talent for the many projects she has on the horizon.

Stephanie called in 17 actors from here One on One classes this fall and cannot wait to meet more this fall! PLUS she booked Keenan Joliff as the leading role in LICENSE PLATES.

Stephanie cast SIX stellar films including: GEEZER with Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Alan Brown's IN THE STUDIO, plus THREE GENERATIONS and DEVIL IN THE DEEP BLUE SEA, both with star studded casts. Stephanie recently cast LIFE OF CRIME starring Jennifer Aniston, Isla Fisher, Mos Def, Tim Robbins, John Hawkes and Will Forte.

Past Credits Includer: RATTER, with Ashley Benson (SPRING BREAKERS, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS), HOW HE FELL IN LOVE starring Amy Hargreaves (HOMELAND) and Matt McGorry (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK).

2-week class 6:30p

On-Camera Intensive with Leading Casting Director - Allison Estrin

She recently cast a variety of films including THE UNTITLED MARVEL FILM and a project that is too big for us to mention here, plus the indie feature BORDER CROSSING (with Julia Stiles) and WONDER and recently worked on a new hit series for SHOWTIME. Other recent credits include the new STEVE JOBS film for SONY and WONDER for Lionsgate. She just finished casting JACK OF RED HEARTS starring Anna Sophia Robb, THE CHRISTMAS PEARL starring Whoopi Goldberg, DOMINION starting Rhys Ifans and John Malkovich, LAMB, THE OUTSKIRTS starring Katie Chang (THE BLING RING), XMAS starring Seth Rogan and Joseph Gordon Levitt plus the FRIENDS OF THE PEOPLE, the first sketch comedy on TruTV and a new pilot for Adult Swim.

Allison recently cast THE COBBLER starring Adam Sandler and Dustin Hoffman, STILL ALICE starring Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin and Z FOR ZACHARIAH starring Chiwetel Ejjofer, Chris Pine and Margot Robbie.

Allison just called in Mark G. for a pilot she is casting for Adult Swim.

1-week class 7:00p

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Casting Director Beth Bowling of Bowling/Miscia Casting

One On One EXCLUSIVE:  Stand out from the rest with the Casting Director, Beth Bowling! Beth has cast for the IFC (Onion News Network), CBS (Blue Bloods), GOSSIP GIRL, Bored To Death, KINGS, Mad Men, and many many more. Beth recently cast the hit show GOTHAM for FOX and has a pretty exciting line up of shows she is currently casing!

1-week class 7:30p

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

On-Camera Comedy Intensive with Jill Pettigrew of A MAJOR NETWORK

ONE NIGHT INTENSIVE with Jill Pettigrew currently working for a MAJOR NETWORK, recently of the leading comedy office, CODY BEKE CASTING. Jill recently worked on MASTER OF NONE starring Aziz Ansari, THE JIM GAFFIGAN SHOW for Comedy Central and the upcoming sketch special CHARACTERS for Netflix. Other recent credits include: DIFFICULT PEOPLE for HULU and BROAD CITY for Comedy Central. 

Jill has also worked with other leading casting offices including The Casting Colletive and Laura Rosenthal Casting, on TNT's PUBLIC MORALS

1-week class 7:00p

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On-Camera with LAURA ROSENTHAL CASTING CD - Maribeth Fox

Maribeth Fox of Laura Rosenthal recently worked on LEWIS & CLARK as well as the upcoming feature film 20th CENTURY WOMEN and a highly anticipated feature film, too big to be mentioned here. She just wrapped up casting PUBLIC MORALS for TNT with Eddie Burns and Michael Rapaport, two feature films and an upcoming mini-series!  Maribeth called in Kylie K. from her last class and she booked a role on a new TV shows.

Recent Projects Include: THE TICKET and A LONG WAY HOME directed by Award Winning Director Garth Davis. Maribeth recently cast the feature film THE FUTURE directed by Paolo Sorrentino with Michael Caine and the HBO Pilot LAUGHS UNLIMITED and a new untitled feature film with Richard Geere. She recently cast, the feature films CAROL starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, LIFE starring Robert Pattinson and the HBO pilot LAUGHS UNLIMITED. Laura Rosenthal Casting also cast Olive Kitteridge an HBO miniseries, with Richard Jenkins, the feature film RIO, EU TU AMO (Rio, I Love You), and THE SEARCH PARTY with Kristin Ritter, the feature film AND SO IT GOES directed by Rob Reiner and starring Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton; ST VINCENT DE VAN NUYS starring Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy. Laura Rosenthal Casting also had 2 FILMS at Sundance this past year: KILL YOUR DARLINGS starring Daniel Radcliffe, and ACOD starring Amy Poehler, Adam Scott, and Catherine O'Hara!

1-week class 7:00p


Legit Agent Samantha Stoller of ABRAMS ARTISTS has clients on every major Broadway and Off-Broadway show, major network and cable TV shows, and hit Feature Films.

She has several clients on TV including The Good Wife, Rubicon, White Collar, Mercy, Gossip Girl, Law and Order: SVU, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Royal Pains, Delocated, Big Lake and How To Make it in America. The feature film list includes Adjustment Bureau, Something Borrowed, The Other Guys and several independent films. 

Work PRIVATELY with Sam, and get valuable one-on-one feedback!

1-week class 7:00p

Friday, December 16, 2016

One- Night Intensive with Emmy Nominated Casting Director Ellen Parks

- Ellen Parks is one of our Most Popular Guests. ELLEN IS WORKING ON several feature films including LAVENDAR with Rainn WIlson and Abbie Cornish THE PINES with Rose McGowan and Evan Rachel Wood and RUPTURE with Noomi RapaceEllen recently cast THE BIG SHOE with
Kristen Stewart, James Sturgess and Noomi Rapace and is working on the films CHURCH LAKE AND LAVENDAR, DIVA with Nicole Kidman, Steve Coogan and John Travolta and was nominated for an Emmy for HBO's GREY GARDENS. Ell e n loves working with One on One members and recently cast two One on One actors in feature films!

1-week class 7:00p

Saturday, December 17, 2016

On-Camera One-Day Intensive with Lisa Kitay of Bowling/Miscia Casting

Lisa KItay is with the leading office of Bowling/Miscia Casting and casts for BLUE BLOODS for CBS and GOTHAM for FOX. She is very excited to join the team at Bowling/Miscia to work hit series and brand new pilots!

1-week class 2:00p

Monday, December 19, 2016

Bob Krakower: New Student On-Camera Audition Class

2-week class 9:30a

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Indie Film and Theater Intensive with Head Casting Director Judy Bowman

Working on tons of theater, film and webseries projects. Judy is looking for tons of actors for upcoming projects -  and has called in and BOOKED over 20 One On One members from her past classes. 

1-week class 6:30p

TV/FILM Intensive with Chrystie Street Casting's Kate Geller

Kate Geller is part of the incredibly busy Chrystie Street Casting team, where she is working on MATING for Showtime and has a variety of projects on the horizon. Some of her past credits include: Season One of BLINDSPOT on NBC, Season 1 and 2 of BLACKLIST on NBC, and films such as DEMOLITIONFADE OUTNOAH, and THE OTHER WOMAN

Kate called in three One on One actors from her recent classes and cannot wait to meet more talent.

1-week class 7:00p

Christine Kromer Casting's Teaguen Gigi Andreas - On-Camera Intensive


We are excited to welcome Teaguen Gigi Andreas of Kromer Casting to meet with our actors. Teaguen has worked with a variety of offices including Kromer Casting, Bowling/Miscia Casting, Gayle Keller Casting, and Jessica Daniels Casting, just to name a few. Teaguen is very excited to work with our actors. Projects include: the hit STARZ series POWEREYE CANDY for MTV, THE JACK and TRIUMPH SHOW for Adult Swim, TRAINWRECK starring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader, directed by Judd Apatow, THE CARRIE DIARIES, and more!


1-week class 7:00p

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

On-Camera Intensive with Allison Kirschner

Allison is coming to One on One looking for NEW talent for two BIG on-camera projects for the summer. Allison is currently working with Gayle Keller on LOUIE and a comedy pilot for JAX MEDIA and recently worked with Bowling/Miscia on the new series GOTHAM. Allison recently wrapped the new Woody Allen film with Juliet Taylor and Patricia Dicerto Casting. She recently worked with CD Stephanie Holbrook on the film "The Untitled Elmore Leonard Project" starring JENNIFER ANISTON & JOHN HAWKES in addition to the indie feature GREATER

1-week class 6:30p

Casting Director Sig De Miguel SPECIAL INTENSIVE

CURRENTLY CASTING SIX FILMS with several more projects in development!  Sig is always working on several projects and has called in dozens of One On One members for his films. After his last class, he called in 16 One On One members to audition and TWO of our actors BOOKED THE JOB!

1-week class 8:00p

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

On-Camera Class with Michael Nicolo, Leading LA Casting Director

Michael Nicolo began his casting career upon graduation from Marymount Manhattan College in 1999 where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. He is known for casting 20 television series/pilots and multiple feature films. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Casting of a Comedy Series and multiple Artios Awards.  He currently is currently working on three major series and two pilots.  

1-week class 11:00a

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On-Camera Class with Michael Nicolo, Leading LA Casting Director

Michael Nicolo began his casting career upon graduation from Marymount Manhattan College in 1999 where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. He is known for casting 20 television series/pilots and multiple feature films. He was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Casting of a Comedy Series and multiple Artios Awards.  He currently is currently working on three major series and two pilots.  

1-week class 12:30p

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On-Camera Intensive with Rob Decina of Rob Decina Casting- Casting for Feature Films and a TOP Primetime TV Series

Don't miss out on this ONE DAY ONLY on-camera class with this Casting Director who casts for both feature films and television. 

1-week class 7:00p

McCorkle Casting's PAT McCORKLE - Two-Week Theater Class

McCorkle Casting is known for casting some of today's leading Broadway and regional theater productions. Pat recently cast: BUTLER for Barrington Stage, ENGAGEMENTS for Barrington Stage, GOOD PEOPLE for TheatreWorks, several productions for Pittsburgh, Baltimore and The Guthrie.

Pat is working on so many shows right now and is looking for talented actors to fill a variety of roles for two Broadway productions, plus shows for The Guthrie, George Street Playhouse, Pittsburgh Public Theater, TheaterWorks, Barrington Stage and more! If you are interested in theater, you should definitely get in front of Pat this summer!

This past fall she cast Broadway's AMAZING GRACE, ON THE TOWN and MARLEY.
She also casts for major regional theaters including The Guthrie, Playmakers Rep, Barrington Stage, Baltimore Center Stage and Pittsburg Public Theater.


2-week class 7:00p

SPECIAL 3-WEEK ON-CAMERA CLASS with Casting Director Judy Henderson

Judy of JUDY HENDERSON AND ASSOCIATES is working on HOMELAND for Showtime and recently cast the feature film WORTH FIGHTING FOR, (with Chris Ashworth), the feature film NO ONE ASKED ME directed by Matthew Newton THE SPOILS by Jesse Eisenberg, for THE NEW GROUP and an untitled horror film. as well as two productions for The Play Company and Pig Iron Theater. They recently cast the feature film MAPLETHORPE, the biopic of famed photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

Judy also recently cast RASHEEDA with the New Group directed by Cynthia Nixon. She also have a variety of plays and several features she will be casting in the upcoming months.

3-week class 7:00p

Thursday, December 22, 2016


BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND powerhouse LA Casting Director Howard Meltzer (HANNAH MONTANA, SHAKE IT UP, LAB RATS) is here at One On One to work with our Teen Members. Howard will work with each actor on-camera on specific sides he choses for the actors ahead of time, providing extensive verbal feedback. There will be a Q&A for parents and teens at the end of class.
Right now Howard is working on BUNK'D and BEST FRIENDS WHENEVER for Disney Channel and LAB RATS ELITE FORCE for Disney XD. 

Your work will be recorded and v-mailed to you the next day.

1-week class 4:00p

Leading Casting Director Melissa Moss

Melissa is one of the busiest casting directors in New York with current credits including BLUE BLOODS and BILLIONS! Melissa has worked on tons of Disney Channel movies and shows including RETURN TO HALLOWEENTOWN, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 1 & 3, CAMP ROCK 1 & 2, READ IT AND WEEP with Danielle Panabaker, COW BELLES with Aly Michalka, as well as the ANNIE remake with Mila Kunis, THE BIG WEDDING with Robert De Niro, NBC's CROSSING JORDAN, ABC's WHAT ABOUT BRIAN, The CW's THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE, and many more.

1-week class 7:00p

Script To Screen with ADRIENNE STERN of Adrienne Stern Casting

This class will be structured as a mock audition for a film, taking you through the ins and outs of auditioning for Indie Films. Adrienne is the queen of indie film and is looking forward to working with One on One actors. 

1-week class 7:00p

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2-Week Class with Alexa Fogel Casting's Kathryn Zamora-Benson

EXLCUSIVE ONE ON ONE FORMAT: Kathryn Zamora-Benson works for one of the busiest casting offices in NYCA, Alexa Fogel Casting. She recently worked on on QUARRY (starring Logan Marshall Green) Season 1 for CINEMAX, Season 4 of BANSHEE for CINEMAX and the pilot ATLANTA.

Recently she cast: Season 3 of BANSHEE for Cinemax, OUR BRAND IS CRISIS and SHOW ME A HERO for HBO!
Past credits include: HUGO, THE SITTER, THE KNICK for Cinemax and TRUE DETECTIVE for HBO.

Alexa Fogel Casting has cast HUGE projects such as: THE KNICK for Cinemax starring Clive Owen, TREME (HBO), RIPPER STREET (BBC), COPPER (BBC), IN TREATMENT (HBO).

2-week class 6:30p

Two-Week Class with New York Theater Workshop's Taylor Williams

We are excited for this TWO-WEEK CLASS with Taylor Williams from the casting team at NEW YORK THEATER WORKSHOP. Taylor is constantly casting shows for this amazing theater company and is always needing to meet new talent! Some projects that Taylor is currently working on include the Berkeley Rep production of Hand to God, the National Tour of The Lion and Orange Julius at Rattlestick Theater. She recently worked on FOUR shows including PERICLES, REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN, HADESTOWN and RED SPEEDO.

2-week class 7:00p

3-Week Television Audition Technique Class with Leading Casting Director Rob Decina

After rave reviews and tons of class requests, we're thrilled to have Rob in teaching our newest on-camera audition class. A Casting Director for over 18 years, he's auditioned, discovered, and hired thousands of actors in that time. He knows what works and what gets an actor noticed in the room.

3-week class 7:00p

Film/TV Audition Technique with Leading Casting Director Jen Rudin of Jen Rudin Casting

Do not miss this amazing opportunity to work with major film and TV casting director, Jen Rudin! Jen has several films on the horizon that are too big to mention here. She recently cast Stephen King feature film The 10 O'Clock People starring Rachel Nichols and Jary Baruchel as well as the animated feature ROCK DOG starring Luke Wilson, a TV series of Nick Jr. and GOTHAM for Warner Bros and SHE'S FUNNY THAT WAY starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. 

1-week class 7:00p

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

BRAND NEW CLASS: Three-Week Voice Over Workshop With Nina Pratt of GREY

BRAND NEW CLASS: Nina Pratt is part of the high-profile office at GREY. She has worked with numerous voice over actors for more than a decade. She has casts hundreds of actors in thousands of commercials for COVERGIRL, DIRECTV and the famous ETRADE Baby. 

Learn the best way to audition for voice over commercials and the essential ingredients to get the voice-over gig.  After each class you will get a raw demo reel of your class work.
This class will end with a showcase for two leading voice over agents. Agents for the showcase include Linda Weaver President and Head Agent at Access Talent and Billy Serow from Abrams Artists.

3-week class 7:00p


Work on-camera and in-depth with INDEPENDENT, AWARD-WINNING FILM CASTING DIRECTOR Brette Goldstein.
Brette recently worked on the feature films EXTRA INNINGS and THE LOST PRINCE and recently finished UNTITLED PPROJECT for a LIFETIME as well as the webseries NO HOOK UPS PLEASE, PLUS ongoing commercials!
Brette loves calling in One on One actors and just called in 8 actors for an audition!


1-week class 7:00p

SPECIAL 2-WEEK CLASS with TELSEY + CO's David Vaccari

David is part of one of NY's most popular and busy casting offices, TELSEY AND CO. David's recent include: comedies with Tina Fey and Leslie Bibb, THE INTERN starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro directed by Nancy Meyer (IT'S COMPLICATED) FOCUS starring Will Smith. And some pretty exciting projects on the horizon!

David's other recent credits include: FLESH AND BONE for STARZ. Recent film projects include: ITHACA starring Meg Ryan, SONG ONE starring Anne Hathaway, just premiered at Sundance 2014 and FOCUS starring Will Smith. Other Recent projects include feature films FRIENDS WITH KIDS (Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Adam Scott), RESTLESS (Mia Wasikowska, dir. Gus Van Sant),  MAIN ST . (Colin Firth, Patricia Clarkson, Orlando Bloom), and HOWL (James Franco, Jon Hamm).

2-week class 7:00p

Thursday, January 5, 2017

BOOK SCRIPTED & IMPROV COMEDY - Casting Director & Manager Jodi Collins

BOOK COMEDY & IMPROV WORK FOR WEB, NETWORK, & CABLE TV series... and Get Branded with Executive Producer and Casting Director Jodi Collins of JLC Entertainment Group. Jodi is "actively seeking new talent on the management/producing side!" 

Jodi recently worked on the ABC pilot DELORES & JERMAINE, starring Whoopi Goldberg and Jermaine Fowler and. Right now Jodi is working on NEW TIMERS SEASON 2 for Comedy Central. Exciting news, Jodi just called in 10 One on One actors to audition for her latest project. Additionally, out of her last three classes at One on One Jodi SIGNED one person and is freelancing with THREE MORE!

Jodi's management includes show creators & performing talent currently working and developing for Amy Poehler's Smart Girls / Legendary Entertainment, Blue Ribbon Content/Warner Bros., ABC and shows Shades of Blue - NBC, The Affair-Showtime, Straight Outta Compton - Sony Films.

4-week class 7:00p

Primetime Director of Casting for Major Network - Clint Alexander

Clint is the DIRECTOR OF EAST COAST CASTING and casts for Primetime programming for a major TV Network working on ALL PROJECTS YEAR ROUND! Clint is working on filling series regular roles for several hit TV shows and continues to work on pilots all year round! 

2-week class 7:00p

On-Camera Intensive with Rebecca Gushin of Estrin/Bergstein Casting

We are excited to welcome Rebecca Gushin of the esteemed Estrin/Bergstein Casting Office. Rebecca's credits include: the second series of a major series on Showtime, DIRTY GRANDPA starring Robert De Niro, BEFORE WE GO starring Chris Evans, SCARY MOVIE with Anna Faris, NBC's THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA starring Debra Messing, PIRANHA 3D starring Adam Scott, THIR13EN GHOSTS starring F. Murray Abraham, RUN ALL NIGHT starring Ed Harris, JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK starring Ben Affleck, and many more.

1-week class 7:00p

On-Camera Two-Week Class with LAURA ROSENTHAL CASTING's Jodi Angstreich

Jodi Angstreich has been at Laura Rosenthal Casting for seven years working primarily in Film and TV. Projects airing in January include THE YOUNG POPE on HBO (starring Jude Law) and Z: THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING (starring Christina Ricci) on Amazon. Other projects she has been a part of include CAROL (starring Cate Blanchett), HBO’s OLIVE KITTERIDGE (with Frances McDormand), YOUTH (starring Michael Caine and Rachel Weisz), and TIME OUT OF MIND (starring Richard Gere). Past projects include LAGGIES (starring Keira Knightley), AND SO IT GOES (starring Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton), KILL YOUR DARLINGS (starring Daniel Radcliffe), ARBITRAGE (starring Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon), and MILDRED PIERCE (Emmy-winning Mini Series with Kate Winslet for HBO). Prior to joining Laura Rosenthal Casting, Jodi worked in the casting department of CBS for six years working on dozens of pilots and series regulars for current series. In addition to film and television, Jodi also casts national commercials, including CAPTAIN MORGAN, COMCAST, AT&T, FEDEX, and many more. Jodi is the proud recipient of the Casting Society of America “Associate Spotlight Award” for 2016. 

2-week class 7:00p

Saturday, January 7, 2017

SPECIAL ON-CAMERA FILM INTENSIVE with Casting Director Donna McKenna

Donna McKenna Casting is one of the busiest Film Casting Offices in NY, CURRENTLY CASTING FOUR FILMS. Donna was just in the breakdowns for many films and is in serious need of talent. Donna has several exciting films lined up this November and through the sring and she cannot wait to work with our actors! 

DONNA CONSISTENTLY CALLS IN AND BOOKS ONE ON ONE MEMBERS. She recently called in One on One Actor Marisa B. and she booked the lead role in Donna's film LEAVES OF THE TREE!

1-week class 2:00p

Monday, January 9, 2017


Meet with Lauren Port of Caparelliotis Casting, formerly MELCAP CASTING - one of the biggest casting offices in the country. Lauren recently cast NBC's new series AMERICAN ODYSSEY  starring Anna Friel and Peter Facinelli and is currently working on several theate projects, including several Broadway shows. She can't wait to meet NEW TALENT!

1-week class 7:00p

Indie Film Workshop with Casting Director Erica Palgon

Erica Palgon of Erica Palgon Casting is well known in the indie film world. She is working on two feature films, THE HUDSON TRIBES and THE TRAIL plus a new webseries. She recently cast feature films DARK produced by Joe Dante and Erica recently cast THIRSTY, DOOMSDAY and MY SON. Other credtis include: HIGH GROUND, THE BAD DAYS, ERAGON, SHORT BUS, MEAN GIRLS, AQUAMARINE and more!
Erica is currently doing on going casting for C STREET for several upcoming films.

Focusing primarily on indie film, this class will give you the confidence and tools you need to look at your material in a unique way so you can stand out and give the best performance.

1-week class 7:00p

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

DAVID CAPARELLIOTIS - Caparelliotis Casting Theater Audition Class

David is working on casting more than FIVE productions for Broadway and Off-Broadway houses right now. He recently cast Broadway's THE FRONT PAGE with Nathan Lane and John Slattery, AN ACT OF GOD with Sean Hayes, Second Stage's THE LAYOVER, and the season at the Old Globe.

4-week class 6:30p

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

TV/FILM/THEATER Casting Director Kimberly Graham of Judy Henderson & Associates

Kimberly Graham of JUDY HENDERSON AND ASSOCIATES works on Showtime's HOMELAND starring Claire Danes. Kim worked on the feature film WORTH FIGHTING FOR, (with Chris Ashworth, THE WIRE) as well as two productions for The Play Company and Pig Iron Theater, Tthe feature film MAPPLETHORPE, the biopic of famed photographer Robert Mapplethorpe,  THE SPOILS by Jesse Eisenberg, for The New Group, An Untitled Horror Film and the new feature RING THE BELL 

Other projects include: THE OTHER SIDE starring Alysia Reiner (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK). Kimberly also cast the NBC Pilot BABYLON FIELDS.

2-week class 7:00p

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

ON-CAMERA with Casting Director Mia Cusumano

Mia Cusumano is currently the Casting Director of the USA series FALLING WATER. Along with casting this series, Mia is currently casting the feature film LEZ BOMB. Her credits include: HBO's THE LEFTOVERSPATERSON starring Adam Driver, REAL STEEL starring Hugh Jackman, The CW's TOMORROW PEOPLE, ANNIE with Mila Kunis, RUN ALL NIGHT with Ed Harris, NEW YEAR'S EVE with Abigail Breslin, ABC's BODY OF PROOF, THE SMURFS with Katy Perry, HBO's IN TREATMENT, We TV's SOUTH OF HELL, ABC's GCB with Marisol Nichols, CBS's GOLDEN BOY, and many more.

1-week class 6:30p

On-Camera with Harley Kaplan of Powers/Kaplan Casting

Harley is currently casting BENJI THE DOVE, BUCK RUN (for which he is also the Executive Producer), MARGOT and he has three other independent films in production.

He is also in development of several films in NYC and LA, including big budget film, DEFENDING THE ENEMY. Harley recently cast MAREMMA shooting in NYC and Italy as well as SWING AWAY, a female-centric comedy/drama feature film, plus on-going commercials.  

Harley is one of our most kind, supportive, and popular instructors. Harley is currently using the Casting Database to cast a huge international project with over 40 roles of all types and age ranges! Harley loves One on One Actors, and is constantly using our casting database and members from his classes for his projects. 

1-week class 7:00p

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Two-Week Class with Indie Film Casting Director STEVE VINCENT

Casting Director Steve Vincent, from S2 ENTERTAINMENT is CURRENTLY CASTING 9 films  and has many more projects in development. In the last several months Steve has called in over 20 One On One actors to audition for a film and 2 BOOKED the role!

Steve called in Bryan W. AND Elizabeth N. for roles in CARRIE PILBY and they BOOKED IT!  

2-week class 7:45p

Thursday, January 19, 2017


We're incredibly excited to announce this intense 4-Week Voice Over workshop with one of the busiest and most popular Voice-Over CDs in the business PLUS a 3 VO AGENT SHOWCASE! Learn the best way to audition for voice over commercials and the essential ingredients to get the voice-over gig.  After each class you will get a raw demo reel of your class work.

After the agent Showcase at the end of Andy's class, four One on One Actors were called in for meetings with Innovative Artists and two other actors were called in to audition for a P&G commercial.

4-week class 6:30p

On-Camera Two-Week Class with Leading CD MATTHEW MAISTO, CSA

Matthew Maisto is a leading Casting Director and the head of his own office. He is working on several independent films with major celebrities, too big for us to mention here.

He recently cast the films, BLOOD SURF with James Franco, BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99 with Vince Vaughn and Richard Jenkins, DIAMOND SOLES, YOU WERE NEVER HERE with Sam Shepard,THE CHRISTMAS PEARL with Whoopi Goldberg, ONLY KIDS directed by Nick Smoke,
YOU WERE NEVER HERE (Before the Door Productions) and FRIENDS OF THE PEOPLE, the first sketch comedy on TruTV. 


Past credits include: ST. VINCENT Starring Bill Murray, Season One of POWER for Starz THIS IS WHERE WE GO (featuring Amelia Rose Blair, TRUE BLOOD and Jonathan B. Wright, YOUTH AND REVOLT), THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE starring Tom Hanks, Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT and Chris Rock's FINALLY FAMOUS.

Mathew just called in FOUR One on One actors for a feature film he is casting and is on the look out for more great talent!

2-week class 7:30p

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

On-Camera TV AUDITIONS with Top Casting Director Suzanne Ryan

AMAZING OPPORTUNITY! Leading Casting Director Suzanne Ryan is back and can't wait to work intently with our members. Suzanne has been in the business for years and has worked dozens of major TV and Film projects. Suzanne is casting the second season for a major television series on NBC. She recently worked on FOREVER for ABC and UNFORGETTABLE FOR A & E and is looking for tons of talent. 

Suzanne has worked casting on UNFORGETTABLE, 666 PARK AVE, LAW & ORDER, and  JULIE & JULIA.


1-week class 7:30p

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: February 1-5 Pilot Season Showcase 2017

NOW OPEN FOR SIGN UPS. $110 OFF EARLY BIRD SPECIAL UNTIL DECEMBER 16. FEBRUARY PILOT SEASON SHOWCASE 2017. Regularly: $970.00 Get a head start in Los Angeles. Meet 21 Industry Guests, including Casting Directors, Agents, and Managers. Over 400 success stories and counting from past LA Trips! See, first hand, why our LA Trips have the highest rates of success! 

6-week class 11:00a

Saturday, February 11, 2017

INTEREST LIST: Actor Salon Master Class Business/Life of Acting

THIS IS AN INTEREST LIST FOR: Actor Salon’s Master Class Business/Life of Acting with Founder and Coach Brian Patacca. This class has already revolutionized the business for hundreds of actors  in New York & Los Angeles. NO MORE MARKETING MUMBO JUMBO STRAIGHTFORWARD STEPS... THAT GET YOU GIGS.

You do not have to be a One on One Actor to attend this event. Please click here to create an account and sign up for this interest list. 






1-week class 10:00a

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Master Class with Chazz Palminteri

"YOU CAN'T GET THE PART UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW TO AUDITION." One on One NYC is proud to provide this amazing opportunity exclusively for our members. Work intensively with actor/writer/director Chazz Palminteri in this three-week audition technique class and learn what it takes to book the job! Chazz's long and illustrous career includes over 50 films to his credit, but he is best known for his performances in The Usual Suspects, A Bronx Tale, and his Academy Award-nominated role for Best Supporting Actor in Bullets Over Broadway.

3-week class 11:00a

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The 2017 Bridge Program Interest List

Bridge 2017 Interest List! With over 50 Success Stories from past summera, this is NYC's best program for recent graduates from a BFA, BA, MFA, or Conservatory acting program. During this three-week program, you will work with leading Casting Directors from TV, FILM, COMMERCIAL and THEATER plus showcase your work to nine Agents and Managers. LIMITED TO 16 ACTORS.

10-week class 10:00a