A Message from the Executive Director

Quick Overview of Membership

Benefits of Membership

  • One on One’s FREE Casting Database is one of the best ways to get auditions and book work audi kartenupdate herunterladen! Casting Directors from major TV networks, Ellen Parks Casting, Barden/Schnee, Playwrights Horizons, dozens of commercial Casting offices, and more use our database of One on One NYC / Next Level Studios LA members to find top talent geburtstagsvideo gratis herunterladen!
  • Classes and Intensives with top Casting Directors are valuable opportunities to gain On-Camera experience and get constructive feedback from the best in the industry fireworks for free. A video clip of your work is often available to you by email.
  • Private Appointments and Industry Panels are the BEST opportunity to present yourself to as many Agents & Managers as possible herunterladen!
  • Special Programs are exciting programs which offer focused & extended attention to very specific goals. Popular offerings include our Atlanta Trip and the Bridge Program and much more tiptoi stift datei herunterladen!
  • Master Classes are available with the industry’s most illustrious working professionals including Oscar nominees Kathleen Turner & Chazz Palminteri.
  • Grad Filmmaker Showcases with the next generation of writers & directors at NYU Tisch & Columbia University.
  • Private Coaching is available to help fine tune your work and to address and fix obstacles.
  • Live Interactive Online Classes allow you to take classes from the comfort of your own home with leading casting directors in both NYC & Los Angeles.
  • Bi-Coastal Membership allows you to take in-person classes at our studios in New York City & Los Angeles.

Membership has many ALL-INCLUSIVE benefits:

  • A personalized consultation to help you navigate the studio’s extensive programming and build a plan that supports your goals.
  • Exclusive inclusion in our Casting Database, which is used by hundreds of NYC & LA casting directors and filmmakers – and that number is growing!
  • Your very own webpage to help you market yourself!
  • Available access to castings notices posted only for our members!

Ready to Apply & Join the Club? Choose Your Location Below:

**As a reminder, no matter which location you select, membership to One on One NYC / Next Level Studios LA includes: access to our in-person classes in LA & NYC, our array of Special Programs, & live interactive Online Classes.

You must be 18 years or older to apply.