A Message from the Executive Director

Quick Overview of Membership

Benefits of Membership

  • One on One’s FREE Casting Database is one of the best ways to get auditions and book work! Casting Directors from major TV networks, Ellen Parks Casting, Barden/Schnee, Playwrights Horizons, dozens of commercial Casting offices, and more use our database of One on One NYC / Next Level Studios LA members to find top talent!
  • Classes and Intensives with top Casting Directors are valuable opportunities to gain On-Camera experience and get constructive feedback from the best in the industry. A video clip of your work is often available to you by email.
  • Private Appointments and Industry Panels are the BEST opportunity to present yourself to as many Agents & Managers as possible!
  • Special Programs are exciting programs which offers focused & extended attention to very specific goals. Popular offerings include our Atlanta Trip and the Bridge Program and much more!
  • Private Coaching is available to help fine tune your work and to address and fix obstacles.
  • Live Interactive Online Classes allow you to take classes from the comfort of your own home with leading casting directors in both NYC & Los Angeles.
  • Bi-Coastal Membership allows you to take in-person classes at our studios in New York City & Los Angeles.

Membership has many ALL-INCLUSIVE benefits:

  • A personalized consultation to help you navigate the studio’s extensive programming and build a plan that supports your goals.
  • Exclusive inclusion in our Casting Database, which is used by hundreds of NYC & LA casting directors and filmmakers – and that number is growing!
  • Your very own webpage to help you market yourself!
  • Available access to castings notices posted only for our members!

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**As a reminder, no matter which location you select, membership to One on One NYC / Next Level Studios LA includes: access to our in-person classes in LA & NYC, our array of Special Programs, & live interactive Online Classes.