ON-CAMERA Commercial Improv Class with Stacy Gallo + AGENT SHOWCASE

Learn tricks for booking commercials from UCB teacher and Commercial Casting Director Stacy Gallo - one of our most popular teachers! 

Fine tune your on-camera commercial audition skills in this fun, relaxed, and popular class. Many of Stacy's students have been called in and BOOKED NATIONAL network spots as well as being connected and signed with top NY Agencies!  

Stacy loves working with One On One members and many actors from her classes
get signed by commercial agents!

This class will conclude with a showcase with leading commercial agents from top tier agencies. Past agencies have included CESD, Frontier Booking International, Stewart Talent, Paradigm and Abrams.


Class Details

This class meets 3 times. Dates:
Wednesday, October 11, 2017, 2:00pm
Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 2:00pm
Wednesday, October 25, 2017, 2:00pm

Please keep Wednesday, November 1, 2017 open as an emergency hold date.

Cancel Deadline: 10/04/17 Payment Deadline: 10/05/17

Fee: $265

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About this Class

This is your chance to learn from an experienced casting director about the world of commercial auditions and the importance of improvisation. This three-week class is for actors who feel comfortable reading commercial copy, are freelancing, getting sent out, or should be sent out for commercials. Most commercials these days require that an actor can improv within that commercial, and we will work on taking a script and learning how to make it your own.

WEEK ONE: You will learn how to quickly interpret commercial scripts and bring out the best delivery you can. You will also be taught skills on how to feel and look comfortable in front of the camera and how to use improvisation to help enhance your performance. Cold commercial copy will be provided in first class. 

WEEK TWO: You will have a script from the previous class to prepare for the following week's Showcase. 

WEEK THREE: Present your work, with Stacy in the room, to two popular Commercial Agents who regularly call in One on One actors.

   **Your scene work is video taped & made into a movie clip!
      After each class, you will receive an email with a link so
      you can watch your own video clip from this class.

Please go to MY ACCOUNT to create your One on One Webpage. Be sure to upload your headshot and enter in your credits. It's especially important so that Stacy can view your online resume ahead of time.


***Class Structure is subject to change.

This seminar or class is for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment in the field or representation by an agent. One on One is bonded in the State of California: #70978001

About Stacy Gallo

Stacy has been a casting director in New York for the past 15 years. She started at MTV as a casting assistant and quickly went on to become head of casting on a live show. In 2001, she was tapped to create an in-house casting company for Hungry Man, called Downstairs Casting, and ran that department for seven years. Since going out on her own in 2008, she continues casting a variety of projects, including many national network commercials for notable directors and clients. Many of her students have gone on to sign with top commercial agents and have booked many national commercials as well as signed with some of the top commercial agents, including Maura Maloney at CESD, Phil Cassese at TalentWorks, Amy Mazur at Abrams Artists, Katherine Ryan at Don Buchwald and Associates, and Stacye Mayer at Paradigm. Visit www.stacygallocasting.com for more informaiton about Stacy and what she is working on!