LA Intensive with TV/Film DIRECTOR & PRODUCER Marc Clebanoff

Marc Clebanoff is an award winning director & producer for TV/Film and has numerous projects in development including: Sinners & Saints: Vengeance (the sequel to the 2010 action film Sinners & Saints), 2 horror films, and TEN EPISODES of a huge upcoming TV series that he can reveal the day of the workshop. Marc reached out to us because he is specifically looking for talent in LA!! He has worked with big stars like Mickey Rooney, Danny Trejo, Louis Mandylor, acclaimed director WIlliam Kaufman, and Quentin Tarantino.



Event Details

Date: Monday, January 16, 2017, Time: 7:00p
Classes can range anywhere between 75 and 150 minutes in length depending upon the industry professional.

Cancel Deadline: 01/09/17

Fee: $35

This event is in the past.

About this Event


New Media Hollywood
6150 California State Route 2 (between El Centro Ave & Gower St)

Hollywood, CA 90038


This On-Camera Intensive will begin with a brief Q&A with Marc. Then you will perform sides that you have chosen, brought in & prepared on your own (no longer than 2-3 pages please!).  Please bring 2 copies of your sides (1 for the reader)

   **Your scene is video taped & made into a movie clip! 
      After this class, you will receive an email with a link so 
      you can watch your own video clip from this class.


ALWAYS BRING A HARD COPY OF YOUR HEADSHOT/RESUME TO CLASS FOR FEEDBACK PURPOSES. When the class is over, the guest teaching this class will not be taking nor given access to your headshot, resume, or any other of your promotional materials per CSA guidelines.

***Class Structure is subject to change.

This seminar or class is for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment in the field or representation by an agent. One on One is bonded in the State of California: #70978001

About Marc Clebanoff

Odyssey Motion Pictures, LLC was established in 2004 by award-winning filmmaker 
Marc Clebanoff. Odyssey MP has been devoted to producing high production value, 
star-driven independent films that will contend well in the global film-buying market. 
In 2011 Odyssey MP established itself as an international sales agent, developing 
its films in conjunction with distributors worldwide.  
Odyssey Motion Pictures was established as a feature film production company in 2004 by award 
winning filmmaker and producer Marc Clebanoff. In 2008, Clebanoff partnered with award winning 
actor/filmmaker Louis Mandylor (Co-Star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 
2). OMP’s producing credits include indie thriller Unspoken (2006), dark comedy The Pink Conspiracy 
(2008), crime drama action film Break (2009), which featured one of the final and most memorable 
performances from acting icon David Carradine, family comedy Gerald (2010), starring Louis Mandylor 
& Mickey Rooney, Showtime thriller Pound of Flesh (2011), starring Malcolm McDowell, TV Pilot 
Elwood, starring Ron Perlman, action/thriller Darkness Descends (2014), starring Danny Trejo, and 
supernatural thriller The Mourning, starring Louis Mandylor & Dominique Swain. 
In 2011 Odyssey launched its international distribution arm, handling the global distribution rights 
worldwide for both internal productions and external acquisitions.  
In 2017 Odyssey is producing Sinners & Saints: Vengeance, the sequel to the globally successful 2010 action film Sinners & Saints, 
helmed by acclaimed action director William Kaufman. 
Odyssey founder Marc Clebanoff also production consults frequently for Activision/Blizzard on AAA 
video game titles such as Call of Duty and Destiny, and consulted for Quentin Tarantino on the 2009 
Sundance biker film Hell Ride. Odyssey Motion Pictures is based in Santa Monica, CA. 
OMP Partner Marc Clebanoff directing Mickey Rooney (2009)