Film Intensive with Bi-Coastal Casting Director LAUREN BASS

Date: Sat 7/13 @ 11am

MAJOR FILM in development


Avatar, 10000 BC, It's Complicated, Shooter, Wind River, Izzy Gets the F*** Across Town, Hyperlinked, Beerfest, Vital Signs, The Last Child, You Don't Love Me Yet, The Orphan Dialogues, The Last Child, Eloise in Paris, Boogeyman 2, The Young Pope, Annabelle, The Atticus Institute, The Number 23, Assassination of Jesse James



Lauren will be assigning you material in advance. You will work a scene on-camera with Lauren, who will individually guide your performance by offering comments, adjustments, and other feedback.

Please go to MY ACCOUNT to create your One on One Webpage. Be sure to upload your headshot and enter in your credits.

***Class Structure is subject to change.

This session or class is for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment in the field or representation by an agent. One on One is bonded in the State of California: #70978001

About Lauren Bass

Lauren began her casting career working for one of LA's top television casting offices, Ulrich/Dawson/ Kritzer, where she worked on such hit shows as “CSI”, “Jack & Bobby” and “Everwood”.  From UDK, Lauren went to work for one of the most respected feature film casting directors in the business, Mali Finn.  

Under Mali's tutelage, Lauren helped to cast such notable films as Andrew Dominik's THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES...starring Brad Pitt & Casey Affleck, Antoine Fuqua's SHOOTER  starring Mark Wahlberg & Kate Mara, SERAPHIM FALLS starring Pierce Brosnan & Liam Neeson, Joel Schumacher's THE NUMBER 23starring Jim Carrey & Virginia Madsen, as well as the highly acclaimed AVATAR directed & produced by James Cameron. Following Mali's retirement, Lauren teamed with brother Jordan to open bass/casting. For more info visit​


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