ONLINE COMMERCIAL Intensive (4pm PT / 7pm ET): Rebecca Yarsin of HOUSE CASTING

Date: Thu 4/2 @ 7pm ET / 4pm PT

Adaptability is one of the key traits of success.

Success in this industry is built on relationships.

Adapt to how you build those relationships, and success is inevitable.

Join us LIVE online!

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Rebecca is one of the biggest commercial CD's in town! She is currently working on projects for a new SAMSUNG 8 football spot, NY LOTTERY, KOHLS, GOOGLE, LEGO's, AMEX, and TRIVAGO!


Carole Inger, one of the TOP commercial agents in town, says that Rebecca is her FAVORITE COMMERCIAL CD for her clients to study with!


The only things you need are :

- Reliable Internet (Ethernet or Fast WiFI)

- A Laptop/Desktop computer is recommended (Phones/Tablets are doable)

- Quiet Room/Space

Hone and perfect your Commercial audition skills in this memorable On-Camera Class with CD REBECCA YARSIN of House Casting! In class, Rebecca generously works with you, giving you productive feedback and individualized adjustments for your scenes. 

Rebecca will assign you commercial sides via our website THE MORNING OF CLASS.

Rebecca's class will include:

Industry Q&A               Assigned Copy                On-Camera               Videos Sent


  • Account - Please go to My Account to create your webpage. Casting Directors will assign material based on a fully completed webpage. 
  • Sides - Scene assignments will be given in class. 


  • Headshot/Resume - ALWAYS BRING A HARD COPY TO CLASS FOR FEEDBACK PURPOSES. When the class is over, the guest teaching this class will not be taking nor given access to your headshot, resume, or any other of your promotional materials per CSA guidelines.

*** Class Structure is subject to change. ***


You MUST have a reliable internet connection in order to have the optimal experience. One on One will NOT credit you if your class experience is affected by internet or technical issues on your end.

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About Rebecca Yarsin

Rebecca Yarsin has worked as a Casting Director, Teacher, Director, Stage Manager, and Producer. She is a Casting Director at House Casting, where she has been casting commercials for the past 11 years. She has cast thousands of commercials including T-Mobile, Smartwater, AT&T, Samsung, Verizon, Time Warner, Gillette, and Apple. Additionally, she casts for voice overs, videogames, films, webisodes, music videos, and many more things. Rebecca has also worked with directors Derek Cianfrance, Neal Brennan, Ken Kwapis, David Gordon Green, Matt Aselton, James Mangold, and Mike Maguire. She has directed multiple shorts, a web series, as well as numerous plays in and around NYC. She has Stage Managed even more, ranging from Festivals to Broadway.

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