Columbia University Graduate Film School Workshop

Date: Fri 10/6 @ 5pm

Take advantage of this unique chance to work with Graduate Film Directors from Columbia University, one of the top programs in the nation! Actors will be seen, one at a time, for the CU Graduate Film School students for roles in their upcoming films.

Numerous One On One Actors have booked films
through this workshop!

**Please note, you must be available for class projects to be considered for this event. Class projects and films are great ways for you to build realtionships with these up-and-coming directors, which is also a requirement of this event.**

Columbia Film Graduates Include:



Oscar-Winning Kathryn Bigelow - THE HURT LOCKER

Lisa Cholodenko - THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT (recieved 2 Golden Globes)

*** PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will take place at:
DODGE HALL, School of the Arts, Film Division - 5TH FLOOR
2960 Broadway New York, NY 10027 (at W 116th St) ****

Half of the actors will arrive at 4:30pm and the other half at 5:30pm (we will confirm these times as we get closer to the date). Actors will be seen in the order of sign-up. Please be prepared to wait up to an hour.

Columbia University's Graduate Film Directors are looking to cast their film projects.
Currently searching for ALL types, ethnicities, characters, etc.


General Sides will be provided for you to choose from. They are located under GENERAL SIDES on your class page. You are not allowed to bring in your own side. Both a male and female reader will be provided.

You may choose any role in the sides provided, even if this means playing against your type or gender. For example, men can play women and women can play men, if they so choose. And please choose whichever role speaks to you in the side, even if this role is not mentioned in the title.

We encourage you to bring as many headshots and resumes as possible, as you will be seen by over 50 directors. However, make sure you bring at least 6 headshots and resumes, as they will be put to use. Feel free to bring any postcards or business cards as well.

About Columbia University Graduate Film School Directors

The Film Program approaches film as a storytelling medium. MFA students are admitted to either screenwriting/directing or creative producing. All students take a rigorous set of core courses in screenwriting, directing and creative producing, as well as courses that examine the history and theory of film. The program also offers an MA degree in Film Studies with a focus on deepening students' knowledge and understanding of contemporary issues in film theory and history in the context of a major filmmaking program.Films by students, faculty and alumni are nominated consistently for--and win--major awards and are selected for festivals from Cannes to Berlin, Tribeca to Sundance.

Directors who have graduated from Columbia Film School include Kathryn Bigelow dir. of THE HURT LOCKER

Kimberly Pierce dir. BOYS DON'T CRY w/Hilary Swank & Chloe Sevigny, which won over 40 awards and received 25 nominations.

Lisa Cholendenko dir. of KIDS ARE ALRIGHT and HIGH ART nominated for many awards, including Grand Jury Prize at Sundance.

Robert & Shari Pulcini dirs.AMERICAN SPLENDOR w/Paul Giamatti, with over 25 awards and 21 nominations.


Courtney Hunt, FROZEN RIVER (Sundance Grand Jury Prize for Best Film 2008)

Greg Mattola, SUPERBAD

Christopher Zalla; PADRE NUESTRO (Sundance Grand Jury Prize for Best Film 2007)

-Nicole Holofcener, FRIENDS WITH MONEY


-Robert & Shari Pulcini,. AMERICAN SPLENDOR w/Paul Giamatti, with over 25 awards and 21 nominations.

-Dave Silver's film GASLINE won best film at Sundance.

So many One on One Actors have been called-in & booked films through Columbia that we cannot list them all: Victoria Soyer, Caitlin Barton, Christina Duarte -2 films!, Teddy Sears, Ryan Homechick, Tim Ellis, David Plant, Anya Migdal, Wendy Allegaert, Caroline Luft, Tom O'Leary, TJ Mannix, Flannery Foster , Tim Ellis , David Plant , Mark Ellmore - 4 Films! , Claire Alpern , Annie Armstrong , Joseph Corrao , Carol Todd , Jerome Weinstein , etc. Bring at least 6 headshots and resumes to the audition.

Success Stories

After attending the Columbia MFA workshop; Lauren was asked to participate in two directors' projects and multiple class exercises!

Lauren Williams

After Meredyth participated in the Columbia University Graduate Film School Workshop, she has since been called in for 4 student projects!

Meredyth Kenney

After attending the Columbia MFA Directors Workshop, Robin was asked to participate in projects for 3 directors!

Robin Virginie

After attending the Columbia MFA Directors Workshop, Cecilia was BOOKED in a LEADING ROLE in an MFA short film!

Cecilia Vanti-Old

After participating in the Columbia MFA Directors Workshop, Stephanie was cast ON THE SPOT in an upcoming film project!

Stephanie Sherry

After doing the COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Graduate Film School Open Auditions, Zac got no fewer than a dozen calls to do film shoots, and the calls and emails continue to come in!

Zac Jaffee

After attending the Columbia University Graduate FIlm School auditions, Adriana was BOOKED on a project!

Adriana Jones

After attending the Columbia University MFA Film Auditions, Karin was cast in GROOMED, written and directed by Wyatt Rockefeller.

Karin de la Penha

After attending the Columbia University MFA Film Auditions, Monica was called in by three different directors!

Monica Willey

After attending the Columbia University MFA Film Auditions, Anne was called in for a supporting role in a film project!

Anne Stockton

After attending the Columbia University MFA Film Auditions, Jody was called in to shoot projects with three directors!

Jody Lyn Flynn

After attending the Columbia University MFA Film Auditions, Jennifer was called in to work on three film projects!

Jennifer Kipley

Columbia Grad writer/director Jess Baclesse found Eric in the Casting Database, called him in for a role in her film, and booked him for a larger role!


Ambien was just called in to audition for a Columbia University graduate film after the director saw her profile in the One on One Casting database - and BOOKED a scene showcase with Columbia's MFA filmmakers!

Ambien Mitchell

A Columbia MFA director found Michael on One On One's casting database and called him in to audition for the lead in his film, which Michael BOOKED!

Michael Grew

Amanda was booked in a leading role in a Columbia University Graduate Film, after the director viewed her reel in the One on One Casting Database!

Amanda Good Hennessey

After the audition day at Columbia Film School, Leslie has done three graduate films there and several scenes in their directing classes.

Leslie Kendall Dye

Dina booked a student film, as a result of her Columbia University audition.

Dina Shihabi

Muhammad was called and booked in a student film as a lead, as a result of his Columbia University audition.

Muhammad Bilal

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Applicants must be 18 years or older.