Actor Salon Life + Career Mastery Class with Brian Patacca

Date: Sat 10/21 @ 10:30am

Brian Patacca, the Founder of Actor Salon leads a super-popular class in our LA Trip and it has been an all-time actor-favorite for the past few years... and we've finally snagged him for a class in New York this month!

VIDEO: Check out this detailed description of the class from Brian himself! 

Learn the simple steps you can take to reverse career stagnation, scatter, and overwhelm. Say goodbye to lame "business of acting" strategies, lackluster opportunities, and listless representation. Say hello to accessing your full potential, resumé-building bookings you're actually proud of, financial rewards, and thriving in your purpose. What more could you ask for in a single day dedicated to making it happen?


I'm the coach for the actor who doesn't have time to settle for anything short of major success - an actor who wants tangible results that resonate on a deeper level.

I work with experienced actors to fine-tune their careers so that they are focused, effective, and fulfilled. My Life + Career Mastery Class is a fast-paced, full day devoted to improving your results immediately. And my coaching provides a deep dive into your personal journey and desires.

This wholehearted, interactive workshop will cover a new look at your type, a game-changing database secret, improving your reel, representation, so you can make the best impression on the industry.

THERE WILL BE A CLASS BREAK for lunch during the afternoon

You do not have to be a One on One Actor to attend this event.
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When you attend this info-packed, live training, you will learn:

Our simple way to put your reel together ...without going bankrupt
Don’t ditch that student film footage! We’ll teach how to make the most of the material you’ve got (whether it’s good, bad, ugly, or all three); how to lay your hands on the footage you “can’t” get; and how to know when your reel is done.

DATABASE (and soon-to-be fans!) 
How to create database that gets you auditions, offers, and better representation
Identify, create, cultivate your personal database (it’s already way bigger than you think!). And let’s make it easy-to-use and simple to update while we’re at it!

Identify your type & learn how to use it to book you more jobs
What the $?!%# is your type? Learning your type frees you to book buttloads of jobs, but embracing your type can feel like an artistic prison. Our interactive exercise leaves you with an inspiring, clear-cut vision of your type, a game plan for putting it into practice and a fresh, focused perspective that will make you sparkle in your next representation meeting, your next audition, and your next shoot.

WEBSITE, HEADSHOTS, POSTCARDS, ETC. (including more REEL stuff!)
How to make these tools effective and when to call it quits (when am I $?!%# done?)
These seemingly obvious marketing tools can lead to overwhelm, especially when money and skill are beyond our grasp. We will give you masterful insights - that are specific to you and your goals! - so you know exactly what your marketing materials need to look like. What you need to do so your tools transform simple impressions to directly called-in auditions (and how not to waste time + energy overdoing it). 

Identify your goals + align your actions and attract the right collaborators + opportunities
You’re talented; you’re good at a lot of things... you *should* do them all, right? Too many of us waste time and energy wasted under the seemingly-smart catch-all goal: I want to act. Through our thought-provoking and active exercise, we will identify what you really want (tv, film, vo, improv, theatre etc). Once we identify your goals and release the by-products/hobbies, we’ll set you on a course to freedom and success through actionable next steps. 

Who are your most powerful marketing targets
Surprise! It's not only casting directors. How you can reach out to the other power players. What's actually working for other actors? What’s worth sending before/after a workshop or showcase?

What *should* you do with your hard-earned money, precious energy + limited time?
Being & Doing - We get it. It’s not always the know-how and how-to that’s holding you back from your success. Who are you being when you take actions to have a fulfilling career and be your most powerful? What actions actually turn into auditions, booking, representation? This is where things get scary/exciting; pushing your boundaries to challenge the limiting beliefs that don’t serve you or your career.

About Brian Patacca

Brian Patacca’s teaching style is no-nonsense, high-energy, and hyper-focused - and sits at the corner of creativity and commerce. As a teacher, guest speaker and coach, Brian motivates actors, writers, and creators who desire tangible results that resonate on a holistic level. During his interactive Life and Career Mastery Class, Brian guides actors through the pillars of his coaching content, “The 7 Wonders of the Working Artist”. When tackling potentially overwhelming aspects of a creative career such as branding/headshots, typing and castability, reels, marketing, and representation, Brian expertly helps individuals identify goals first, then align their actions. As the founder of Actor Salon, Brian has created a community built on supportive group coaching setting and accountability that empowers creative individuals to combine this dynamic mindset with the proper tools and skills to get results. In his work, Brian combines fierce devotion to the thriving artist, an immediate and unwavering standard of accountability, and keen marketing prowess into a unique environment of empowerment and inspiration. Since 2007, Actor Salon has grown to include locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Now with multiple locations, Brian has trained a team of coaches to support actors in the belief a person’s ideas, their presentation and the attention that is devoted is integral to a successful artistic life. For more information, please visit and

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