COMMERCIAL PANEL: THREE Commercial Agents in ONE Night

Date: Fri 2/22 @ 6:30pm

Commercial work is the most lucrative career path you can choose as an actor.

This is an incredible opportunity to meet and work with THREE commercial representatives from well-known agencies.

Commercial agents are always looking for tons of new talent to showcase their projects.
Get in front of THREE well-known agents who are looking for the opportunity for you to help them.


The guests for the evening include:

Shoshana Cantwell of Take 3 Talent

Phil Cassesse of Stewart Talent

Chase Theibault of UGA Talent



Please prepare:  

CLICK HERE FOR COMMERCIAL COPY or feel free to bring your own.

Don't forget to bring THREE headshots/resumes.

This seminar or class is for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment in the field or representation by an agent. One on One is bonded in the State of California: #70978001. 

About Commercial Panel

About Shoshana Cantwell

Shoshana is the commercial/print agent at Take 3 Talent, a fully franchised agency in NYC representing adults, kids, and teens in all areas. Prior to joining the agency, she worked in various casting offices and in company management for a national Broadway tour. She enjoys bringing her experience from all facets of the industry into her work as an agent.

About Phil Cassese

Phil Cassese is the senior on-camera commercial agent at Stewart Talent. Phil previously held the same position at TalentWorks, where he spent the last six years developing a highly competitive roster of talent. After spending several years in the music industry and personal management, Phil was recruited to helm the commercial division of TalentWorks. Prior to working for TalentWorks, Phil successfully created a commercial division at a small theatrical agency. Phil's interest in comedy led him to develop a strong roster of improvisers and comedic actors. He works on and has booked a wide array of commercial projects from multi-faceted campaigns to smaller niche projects.

Success Stories

After taking Casting Director Stacy Gallo's commercial class Rita was called in to discuss commercial representation with Phil Cassese!

Rita Thompson

About Chase Theibault

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