Meet Manager Rochel Saks of 44 WEST Entertainment, LLC!

Date: Tue 10/29 @ 6:30pm

Perform and meet with manager ROCHEL SAKS of 44 WEST ENTERTAINMENT, LLC. 

Rochel recently joined 44 West Enterainment, LLC and is actively signing clients! She brings with her a background in producing and development, as well as a strong passion for guiding and developing the careers of actors!




This appointment is designed for you to meet one on one with manager Rochel Saks. You will choose a timeslot below for your meeting. 

Bring in your own scene that you have chosen & prepared. Please bring in something that showcases you in the best possible light (2-2.5 pages max) & make sure to bring 2 COPIES OF YOUR SIDES (one for the reader).

Not sure which sides to bring? Access our library of stock sides HERE!


Rochel's appointment will include:


        Prepared Scene                         


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About Rochel Saks

Rochel Saks is a manager with 44 West Entertainment. She spent years working as a CPA while socially building connections in the entertainment industry. She is now a full time manager and has a roster of clients who are working in the theater, TV and film spaces.

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