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Despite what is happening in the world around us, the Voice Over business is thriving!  It has long been important for an actor to be able to audition from home, but now it’s more imperative than ever.  These days, even bookings are happening in the actor’s own living space and casting directors, directors and producers are relying on actors to deliver great reads with great sound from their home studios.  This course is designed to make sure that you’re getting the most out of everything you record without going broke or crazy.

Andy is one of the busiest and most popular Voice-Over CDs in the business! Actors from Andy's previous classes have been called in to dicuss REPRESENTATION & for upcoming commercials! 


He has worked on projects for such high profile companies as Blizzard Entertainment, Disney, Rockstar Games, Calvin Klein, Geico, Fenway Park, Kraft, Bank of America and many more. His handiwork can be seen on just about any network, cable channel, video game system, and all over the Internet.


The only things you need are :

- Reliable Internet (Ethernet or Fast WiFI)

- A Laptop/Desktop computer is recommended (Phones/Tablets are doable)

- Quiet Room/Space

Hone and perfect your VOICEOVER audition skills in this 4-Week Class with CD Andy Roth which will culminate in a SHOWCASE with TWO TOP VOICEOVER AGENTS. 

In class, we’ll work on how to deliver the read.  Everyone will record their copy at home and email it to Andy afterward to get comments on sound quality, editing, etc, and help them improve it before the next class if necessary.

Week 1: Commercial reads and getting the best reads at home or in-person and maximizing your home studio.

Weeks 2 & 3: Animation & Showcase prep.

Week 4: Agent showcase with TWO TOP VOICEOVER AGENTS

Format and Industry Guests subject to change

Andy's class will include:

  Industry Q&A                   Cold Reads              VO Recordings             Recordings Sent 


  • Account - Please go to My Account to create your webpage. Casting Directors will assign material based on a fully completed webpage. 
  • Sides - Voiceover Copy will be given in class as cold reads. 


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*** Class Structure is subject to change. ***

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About Andy Roth

One of New York’s busiest freelance commercial casting directors, Andy Roth’s career has spanned almost two decades.  After several years as the in house booth director for one of the country’s top commercial talent agencies, Cunningham Escott Slevin & Doherty, he left to start his own business.  Since then he has been working for many of the biggest advertising agencies, casting houses and production companies in the world.  His handiwork can be seen on just about any network, cable channel, video game system and all over the Internet.

Currently, in addition to his casting career, Andy teaches voice over at New York University and is a regular guest artist/speaker at many highly regarded acting schools including Rutgers and Syracuse.

Success Stories

As a result of an agent panel concluding Andy Roth's class, Asha was CALLED in by DDO Artists Agency and is now working with them for Voice Over!

Asha Etchison

After taking Andy's 5 week VO workshop and meeting the agents I have been asked I freelance with Atlas Talent Agency.

Leanne Watson

After attending Andy Roth's Voiceover Class, Elise met Chris Davis of Access Talent and they have been working together ever since!

Elise Arsenault

After attending the Agent Showcase during Andy Roth's voiceover class, Mark was signed with Access Talent!

Mark St. Cyr

After taking Andy Roth's 4-week VO workshop, Mila was called in by Ed Batchelor from Arcieri & Associates and now they are freelancing together!

Mila Milosevic

After taking Andy Roth's four-week voice-over workshop, Graci met Barry Kolker of About Face in the class showcase and is now freelancing with him!

Graci Carli

After taking Andy Roth's four week voice-over workshop, Monica is now freelancing with Barry Kolker from About Face!

Monica Salazar Olmsted

After taking Andy Roth's class and showcase at One on One, Guy was called in by Jason Sasportas from Stewart Talent for a meeting.

Guy Whitlock

After taking Andy Roth's class and showcase at One on One, Kelsey was called in for a meeting by Ed Lewis from Arcieri And Associates.

Kelsey Lidsky

After taking Andy Roth's class and showcase at One on One, Joseph was called in by Ed Lewis from Arcieri And Associates and they are now working together.

Joseph Medeiros

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