ONLINE CLASS (11am PT / 2pm ET) with CD Farrah West

Date: Mon 7/13 @ 2pm ET / 11am PT

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Associate CD Farrah West from LAUREN GREY CASTING

Farrah is a rockstar associate who has worked with major offices for both Television & Feature Films! She has been working on a Feature Film along with TV PILOTS!

Recent credits include:


The only things you need are :

- Reliable Internet (Ethernet or Fast WiFI)

- A Laptop/Desktop computer is recommended (Phones/Tablets are doable)

- Quiet Room/Space


This class is designed to work specifically on TV and Film audition material with Farrah West. In class, Farrah generously works with you, giving you feedback and adjustments to your scene. 

Bring in your own scene that you have chosen & prepared. Please bring in something that showcases you in the best possible light (2-3 pages max).


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About Farrah West

Farrah West started in commercial casting, then got an internship on "CSI NY."  During the same year, I worked on the ABC pilot "SECRETS OF A SMALL TOWN, "Kyle XY" and " BLADE" the series.  In 2007 I was introduced to JJ Abrams and Bad Robot working on "WHAT ABOUT BRIAN," then continued with "LOST" for the last 3 seasons.  During that summer I worked on "BOONDOCK SAINTS 2 ALL SAINTS DAY" and various films.  In 2008 I cast my first feature film "PICKIN AND GRINNIN".  The film went on to win 8 awards at various festivals.  In 2009 I worked on the series "DARK BLUE" for 2 seasons as well as "UNDERCOVERS".   I've worked on many pilots including "ONCE UPON A TIME", "CORPORATE” which got picked up for two seasons and most recently "WISDOM OF THE CROWD" for CBS.   Later I was asked to be a part of the casting team on Sam Raimi's remake of "EVIL DEAD" and then later did his show “ASH VS. EVIL DEAD.”  A couple years ago I was introduced to Roddenberry Production and cast the Syfy short "INSTANT" Then later on cast the Swiss/German film "INTERFERENCE" and an American/Iranian feature "POLARIS.”  This past year I cast the feature “BACHELOR LIONS”   This past winter I just finished “SARGASSO” and “MAX RELOAD AND THE NETHER BLASTERS.” Currently I’m casting "THE FINGER," "THE CHARIOT", “THE COLOR OF FLESH” and “SIX CIGARETTES. ” Lastly I just wrapped “CORPORATE” SEASON 2 for Comedy Central and currently working with Randal Kleiser on his next Millennial Thriller called “LIVE STREAM” and just wrapped DC Comic’s STARGIRL pilot.

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