ONLINE CLASS (11am PT / 2pm ET) with Ramani Leah

Dates: Wed 8/5 @ 2pm ET / 11am PT

Meets 2 times: 8/5 8/19

Join us LIVE online!

You will receive a Zoom link and instructions at least 6 hours before the beginning of class. Please check your spam and promotions folder. If you still do not see the email, please email us at! If you sign up for the class the day before or the day of, please also email us so we can provide you with your Zoom link.


We're so glad to have Ramani Leah back after a brief hiatus. She is now an associate CD with Lindsey Weissmueler Casting where she is active on a Season 2 of a critically acclaimed JIM PARSONS NETFLIX Series! 

Recent include:

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The only things you need are :

- Reliable Internet (Ethernet or Fast WiFI)

- A Laptop/Desktop computer is recommended (Phones/Tablets are doable)

- Quiet Room/Space

This class is designed to work specifically on TV and Film audition material with Ramani Leah. 

Week 1: Bring in your own scene that you have chosen & prepared. Please bring in something that showcases you (2-3 pages max).

Week 2: Ramani assigns you a scene 1-2 days in advance based on your headshot/Next Level webpage.

Ramani's class will include:


Industry Q&A         Videos Sent        Prepared + Assigned Sides        On-Camera                   


  • Account - Please go to My Account to create your webpage. Casting Directors will assign material based on a fully completed webpage. 
  • Sides - Scene assignments will be posted 1 day in advance, as Ramani likes to replicate being given material in a professional situation. 
  • Reader - Make sure to bring 2 COPIES OF YOUR SIDES (one with the reader's lines highlighted).  WE WILL PROVIDE A READER.
  • Headshot/Resume - ALWAYS BRING A HARD COPY TO CLASS FOR FEEDBACK PURPOSES. When the class is over, the guest teaching this class will not be taking nor given access to your headshot, resume, or any other of your promotional materials per CSA guidelines.

*** Class Structure is subject to change. ***


You MUST have a reliable internet connection in order to have the optimal experience. One on One will NOT credit you if your class experience is affected by internet or technical issues on your end.

The Zoom link for each class is sent out approximately 6 hours beforehand. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the link and to reach out to One on One PRIOR to the start of class if you have not received it. Please be sure to check your Inbox, Promotions, and Spam folders.

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About Ramani Leah

During her early casting ventures, Ramani worked for notables such as Susan Vash, Francine Maisler, Leslie Litt and Laray Mayfield. She finally she found her way to what has become "home base" and has since planted her feet in April Webster's office for the past 3.5 years. She's had the pleasure of working on notable movies and TV shows including House of Cards, Happy Endings, Spiderman 2, Spring Breakers, Revolution & 11/22/63 to name a few. She was most recently the associate for Bates Motel (A&E) and The Strain (Fx). Currently, Ramani is the associate for CRIMINAL MINDS (CBS) 

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